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High quality dog and cat food


Wet food gluten-free glass manufactury.

Handmade chew snacks and treats.

Dry food with at least 60% meat content.

Simple - Natural - Regional - Fair



4 factors that make our pet food unique worldwide


1. Crafting as in grandmother's time!


We produce fresh natural digestible pet food with passion. Our positive energy trough our manual work shapes each product piece by piece. 


2. High quality local ingredients!


Without animal by-products, additives, binders, synthetic minerals or vitamins, dyes, preservatives, flavorings, animal meals or pheromones.


3. Additional special composed gemstone water!


8 selected gemstones support the energetic charging and carcass balance. We achieve very good results with intolerances and incompatibilities.


4. Production under consideration of moon cycle!


The moon is responsible for how we feel. We take benefitt of each phase of the moon that influences feelings, elements and manufacturaing processes.


Sustainability from production to shipment


As unique manfacture in dog and cat food, we take our glasses back to reduce garbage. Our reusable glasses show our product in a natural and appetizing way. We are engaged to the environment and that's the reason we only use recycled paper in our packaging. We also ship our products in cardboard boxes. Our stamps are stamped with oil-free stamping ink.